Commercial Property Management

Management Services

We’ve worked hand-in-hand with property owners for decades overseeing, not only the day-to-day aspects of asset management, but also creating and implementing strategies to protect and grow their investment long-term.

The SVN-Ascension Commercial Realty (SVN-ACRE) approach: 

Collaborative: The key to a successful property management realtionship is first defining what success means to you.  NOI and occupancy rates are important bench marks, however, our desire is to fully undertsand your goals and work together to formualte an effective plan.

Responsive: We believe taking a proactive approach to managing you property reduces the need for emergent calls. However, when an emergency occurs, we are responsive and thorough. We intentionally cross-train all members of our team so you are never relying on just one person to respond. Whether it is routine, essential or urgent, our team has your investment covered.

Enhancing Value:  We help enhance the value of your property by designing and implementing a short, mid and long-term improvement plan. This approach enhances the long term viabilty of the asset, serving to increase both it's value and desirability in the market place. 

Forward Thinking: Attending to today’s needs is important, but so is preparing for tomorrow. One of the ways SVN-ACRE informs this process is by planning for the future based on our extensive knowledge of the past. SVN-ACRE has served clients in the region for decades.  We know today’s market conditions and how they compare to years past—not just from reading a report or looking at statistical trends—but because we experienced them, learned from them and grew. We understand the complexities and local issues that affect everything from signage permits to development and zoning. We were founded here, and we are part of the fabric that has shaped the area’s success.

Below is a list of the typical property management services, however our responsibilities can be tailored to the specific property and client preferences:

  • Lease administration
  • Tenant relations/communications
  • Routine and preventive maintenance
  • Financial reporting/budgeting 
  • Operating reports and recordkeeping
  • On-site visits
  • Scheduled property inspections
  • Capital improvements planning/oversight
  • Management of subcontracted services

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